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Ongoing Activities

 See below for our events currently happening.

Large Group Meetings

Time:  7:00pm (both campuses)

SDSU: Crest Room (above Einstein Bagels, Student Union)
USD: Beacom 133

What can I expect?

grow in Biblical understanding • learn to think

critically as a Christian • engage cultural issues from a Christian worldview • know what you believe

and why • learn and discuss things that matter

in a welcoming atmosphere • make friends in

Christian community

Discipleship Groups

Time & Location:  Varies depending on the group

Are you interested in joining a D-Group? (discipleship group)

The main focus on these is, you might guess, christian discipleship. We will mainly focus on Bible study and a systematic study of what the gospel IS, what the gospel does IN us, and what the gospel does THRU us...a study we've done before called "The Gospel-Centered Life". These groups are mainly for christians. Ideally, these groups will grow to know one-another better, digging deeper into the Word and into each other's lives. But at first, it's a pretty straight forward meeting in which the Bible will be discussed and the gospel will be expanded in our understanding.


Book Studies

download (1)_edited.jpg

Are you interested in joining a book study once they're available?

Topics/options will include "Science and Faith", "Skeptical challenges to the christian faith (and responses)", and a Christian perspective on "Social Justice".  More info at this link!

Time & Location:  Varies depending on the group

Uncommon Ground Coffee Chats

Time & Location:  Varies depending on preference

Intentional, informal discussion with a person of different worldview, religion, politics and/or perspective on life.
AND... free coffee!

Are you tired of conversations that seem more like a Facebook fight? Rational and calm discussions about important things are hard to find; so find it here. The aim of these Coffee Chats is to provide an opportunity for students to have real, meaningful conversations — to get to know each other and to seek understanding in areas of difference.

Conversation, not confrontation. Discussion, not debate.


To learn more and to sign up fill out this form.

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