Meet Our Staff


I was raised in Dawson, MN with one older brother. I came to know God early in life through the influence of church camps, and especially in college my faith truly deepened and flowered into a passionate pursuit of God and desire to spread His name.

When I was a college student at SDSU, several friends and I

started Equip Campus Ministries. In 2008 I graduated

with an undergraduate degree in Music Education, and I went on to do full-time ministry with Equip, which is what I have been doing ever since. In 2011, I earned my Master’s in Christian Thought from Bethel Seminary through their distance program.

I married Emma the summer of 2013, and as of Aug 2018, we have two

young boys: Asher and Lewis, and one girl, Nora who is just a couple months older then that picture!

~Luke Perkins


Brandon was born in 1984 in Waseca, MN. He was married in 2007 to the love of his life Erin and they celebrated the birth of their first child Noah in 2009, their second son Jonathan was born in 2010, their third child Abigail was born in 2013, their fourth child Samuel was born in 2015, and their fifth child Jael was born in 2018. 


Brandon has a Masters of Arts in Religion from Redeemer Seminary in Dallas, TX.  He is completing course work for the Doctorate of Ministry Degree from Westminster Theological in Philadelphia, PA. 


Conversion Story: I became a Christian over a period of many years of divine preparation which culminated in the summer of 2003 when I worked as a salesman stationed out of Clinton, MO. I met over 3,000 people that summer from many different socioeconomic backgrounds and from many different cultures. I was a firm believer in the American dream: house, car, kids, white picket fence, you know the bit. I also thought money and power would give me happiness. But during that summer I met rich and poor people, athletic and non athletic people, intelligent and common people, people with good family ties and people with poor family connections, people with power and those with none. What I found was some people possessed all the things I wanted and were happy, some possessed them and were not happy. Some possessed none of the things I wanted and were happy, but some were not happy. This threw off my paradigm and after about a month I realized the truly happy people were Christian. This was the beginning of my Christian life.

~Brandon Pedersen